An underclass seem to emerge in every culture ,social scientist theorize about the reason for the sociological phenomenon, but the ancient scriptures spend less time theorizing and more time giving instruction to the privileged regarding their responsibilities to the under privileged. Our concern for the vulnerable and needy does not stem from political ideology, as we in the modern world might be tempted to assume, but from a profound theological conviction that all people, made in Gods’ image, must be treated with respect, biblical love and compassion. In our endeavor to promote the concept underlying responsible tourism idea, www.peopletopeopletourism.com believes that sound business practice must embrace justice, compassion, and generosity. The application of these ancient laws for modern day business is… that the powerful are not to exploit the powerless; the “haves” are to be concerned for the “have Nots” and business must not be driven solely by the profit motive. Those who know the blessing of God upon their lives should never become so enamored of their blessed condition that they ignore a world outside that lacks what they enjoy in abundances….!!! That school of thought is what defines the thinking of People to People Tourism - Kenya.



At www.peopletopeopletourism.com we treat tourism as a tool for local and regional development be it in the rural or urban slum areas. On the entrepreneurship front, our sister organization www.craftofafrica.org Over the year s, we have been able to establish links with handicrafts producer groups in both the rural and urban areas. We regard crafts making as an important home based income generating activity that has the potential of promoting cultural heritage and earning the country the much needed foreign currency. Hence the need of tapping the synergy of our two organizations on matters development. To this end therefore, and in the spirit of promoting the concept underlying the ethics and practice of responsible tourism idea; we have in modest ways been able to uplift the well being of the local communities in areas such as in the healthcare, education and the environmental sector.


In the arid and semi arid region areas of Kamba land, we have been instrumental in helping the community realize their prayer /dream of coming up with the Kisesini community health project in Kyua location in Katangi /Yatta – Machakos County. The idea/initiative of coming up with the health facility was initiated by women’s handicrafts - cultural dancers group. This was necessitated by the fact that the only health facility available was miles away. However in as much as the villagers would have liked to actualize their dream, it was very hard. This can be attributed to their meager resources and the high levels of poverty in the region. As a result of such draw backs, their dream project stalled for almost two decades. But things turned out for the better when the group’s leadership shared their plight with www.peopletopeopletourism.com team during one of our Ppt meet the people cultural tour to the village. What we did on our part was to share the women’s health dream project with our friends in the Medical profession in USA. This occurred when one of our own was invited to USA as a key note speaker by some American universities, NGOs, churches and trading partners to share our experience. It turned out that the Medics were interested in giving a hand. It was a big blessing/ turning point for the craftswomen.